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Devil's Advocate

Final Release: August 30, 2011
It may take a minute to download the game before it will show up on this page.

With support from the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health & Traumatic Brain Injury, the serious game, "Walk in my Shoes" is a joint-effort production project of Novonics and the UCF RETRO Lab. The objective of this work is to help prepare deploying soldiers for the myriad of psychological challenges they will face during the stages of deployment. The larger simulation has been developed to deliver instructional content and is populated with several mini-games that are used to reinforce the lessons taught as well as provide practice spaces. Mini-games such as these are inexpensive to develop, yet have proven to be quite powerful vehicles for instructional delivery and practice when embedded in more complex simulations. Our vision was to develop a set of mini-games that were both fun and effective. To do so, we considered the nature of the lesson we sought to impart and tried to be innovative when coming up with ideas for actual gameplay. We tried to take a fresh look at what is possible with different genres of games and the result was a suite of serious mini-games that may be the first of their kind. Additionally, these mini-games are completely student designed, programmed, and managed.

Cognitive distortions and thoughts are negative, maladaptive ways of thinking. Devil's Advocate helps to fight cognitive distortions by taking an individual through the first step of cognitive restructuring -- automatic thought identification. Players will take control of Judith, an otherworldly being whose job it is to eliminate soldiers' cognitive distortions. The players must move undetected around a base and sneak up behind an individual who is currently plagued by a negative automatic thought. They are then tasked with identifying and labeling the specific automatic thought the soldier is having. Once they apply the correct label to the automatic thought, a new, positive automatic thought replaces it.

Please Note: This mini-game was built for the simulation. It was not meant to be played in any other size nor was it meant to be embedded in a webpage, hence this stand-alone page. Please, feel free to return to our actual website at any time!: UCF RETRO Lab

Production Team

Programmer Skyler Goodell
Artist Danielle Chelles
Designer Lucas Blair
SME Dr. Michael Kofler
Production Manager Danielle Chelles
Assistant Manager Lucas Blair
Research Coordinator Katelyn Procci
Usability James Bohnsack


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